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Stay Pedi Ready

Lovies if you are anything like me you may skip your pedicure appointment a little more in the winter months. I skip but I stay pedi ready by doing the following:

- Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize - You know that was first on my list. Use our whipped body butter to moisturize your feet often.

- Keep Your Feet Smooth - Invest in a pumice stone. My pumice stone is infused with charcoal and it works wonders. Use your pumice stone in the shower to stay smooth.

- Use Cuticle oil - Use an oil that will saturate your cuticles and keep them moisturize throughout the day. Our Nail and Cuticle has JBCO and biotin.A few swipes around your nail bed and you are good

- Strong Top Coat- Top coats will help your color to last longer. It is very necessary.

-Go darker- Keep a bottle of polish that is a shade darker than the original color you used for your pedicure. That way, when it starts to chip, you can go over your older pedicure with the darker color.

- Bring your own bottle - Some nail salons use thinners in their bottles of nail polish to make them last longer, which obviously won't help your pedicure last longer. If you wear newer, fresher polish, it's more likely to last longer.

Hope this helps. Love, GIA

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