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Let’s close out Hot Curl Summer right!!

So Summer ‘19 is coming to a close. Sooooo did you do it?!? Did you link up with your fave?! Get to the beach and do a handstand?! Walk your favorite outdoor affair?! Most importantly did you document it all?! No?!? Me either. 🙄 I had a great time though a beautiful girlfriend European vacation but little rest due to partying and humping it to see “wonders of the world.

So how do we get it in in the next couple weeks?! You gotta hunLet down and do it right all while staying cool and keeping your curls refreshed while doing it.


Find local hang outs and street fairs.

Walking down the streets and letting the streets entertain me is BIG FUN. I done know what it is about letting the sights and sounds envelop me. It’s corny but so cool and usually cheap. While walking make sure you wear sunscreen. Our Body Butters contain Shea Butter and Carrot Seed Oil. Both boast a natural SPF. Also big your Protective Style Conditioning Spray to protect your crown.

Groupon and Coupon your way to fun.

The close of summer businesses are extremely generous. Summer businesses are looking to off load tons of inventory. Hotels are looking to fill rooms before the peak close. With many people on vacation abroad the city closest to you has major plans in the works for those who chose a staYcation. Take advantage of a pedicure or manicure deal and use our Nail and Cuticle Oil to keep you hands and toes primed!

Get your our Protective Style refreshed.

Your crown remains of upmost importance. The braiding salon will back to school specials. Take advantage but make sure they are braiding safely. Don’t sacrifice your hairline for a style. I am a big fan of knotless braid. I think they are extremely safe and have done my hair well. I use Quench to cure dry scalp, thicken strands and grow my hair.

Enjoy he close of your Hot Curl Summer Lovies!! Let’s finish strong 💪🏾 and cute!!

Love, Gia

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