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I'm stuck! My hair won't grow past my ears! HELP!!

I'll start this blog off with 2 words. Hair grows. It really does. Hair growth and hair retention are two different and very distinctly important things. If you have to color your hair because of dark roots... your hair is growing. If you have to perm your hair because your roots are thick... your hair is growing. If you are stuck at one length it is quite possibly because you are not taking the proper measures to retain length. Length retention is key. Retaining the hair that grows should be your number 1 task. Here are a few ways to do so.


We love playing with our hair ,and running our hands through our hair. However this could be pulling back your length retention goals. Also manipulating your hair frequently (twisting and retwisting every night) are going to be detrimental to your hair growth progress. Put your hair into a protective style that you can set and leave alone for a few days. This will give your hair a much needed break and help you keep your hands out of it.


Decreasing heat in your hair care regimen gives your hair one of the best chances for retaining length. A "hard press" can kill the curl of your hair stands and straightening "only your edges" weakens and kills those as well. If the plates of your iron is too hot or heat isn't distributed evenly it can cause heat damage. Heat damage was the reason I was forced to BIG CHOP in 2017. I now straighten my hair with heat once a quarter if at all.


When I got rid of all of the damaged ends / hair and the shedding became non existent. Because I am not losing hair as quickly as it was growing, I’m seeing more growth and retention. Holding on to damaged ends causes more damage. You can not bring the damaged hair back to life no matter what any miracle product says. Getting a trim / cut will bring you closer to your length goals. It does not have to be a specific time period, but getting a trim as needed will be of great benefit to your hair care future!

More to come....

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